Transtastic Team

The people behind Transtastic are a thing to behold - they do it because they can and want to. They all have other lives, maybe even better things to do - but they do give up their time to ensure the site keeps moving forward and is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Pauline Smith provides some amazing support for Transtastic including "zapping" spammers and chasing down some people that really are just posting the "wrong kinda stuff".

Amymichelle looks after our Social Media links and activities - promoting the site beyond the site. Get in touch with Amy if you want her to share something there, or if you think we should be on other social platforms to promote the site.

And me, your host - Beckie Cannons - all out transgender evangelist - party girl and techy geek. I just do Transtastic because I can - I don't always have the time I need for it and it causes more family arguments than I'd like to discuss, but hey who said life was easy?

A big thank-you to everyone who helps make Transtastic what it is - you are all 100% Transtastic fanatics - and you are all simply FANTASTIC!