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  • 18 Jun 2014
     That latex dress. Having the day off yesterday I decided that there would be no housework done, no washing and the grass that is normally cut by a gardener who is on holidays could wait for another week, I ventured into Edinburgh my home city for a wonder just a wee daydream to myself and some "me-time".I wore jeans and a loose t shirt, and underneath the jeans a pair of latex pants. ( I always wear something latex every day) that is the rule. I wondered around for about an hour and then decided that I'd visit a wee shop I know that  has some latex and have a look. I went into the shop and was looking around when this lady Id say in her early 40s whispered " you can try anything on you want and if your struggling I can help". I smiled and said "thank you" kept looking and then saw it.. OMG, I wanted it, there and them. But it was expensive however the feel of the soft latex was making me tingle and I needed to try this dress on. Miss 40 something was watching me, I nodded, she smiled and in no time at all I was in the dressing room T shirt and jeans off and trying this dress on.Yesterday was very hot and the beads of sweat where running down my back and the top of my arms, Miss 40 noticed this and asked if id like assistance trying it on. I nodded and she smiled. I knew she would notice my pink latex pants and I blushed, "its ok" miss 40 said, toweling me down with a very soft towel before she helped me put on the dress. Well... my legs give way, the rush of the latex on my back and around my waist was shocking, it clung to my skin "leach like" and I let out a deep moan. "God that's amazing" I said. Yes was the reply, you wear it very well and the fish tail at the back of this dress makes you bottom look amazing, but you need heels and a neck brace... I was to high to answer and before I knew it id heels on and a very tight high neck latex brace around my next.. I'll leave you now to have a look at yourself said Miss 40.I must have stayed in the dressing room for a good 15 minutes walking, bending, and giving myself a good feel. Until I heard a voice saying "are you ok in there" to which I replied with a squeak. "yes Im fine"... I bought the dress. Miss 40 was amazing.Debs xx
    618 Posted by Debs Campbell
7,386 views Feb 16, 2013
frustration of being a secret crossdresser

I quit often go clothes shopping wth my wife, She a modern girl and into the days fashion, My probem is,, When I suggest clothes for her tp wear try on what im really saying is, I want to wear this but can't cause you don't know im a crossdresser.


AHH Sorry for the rant, I just an one frustrated girlie,


Debs xx


Its good to talk, any suggestions.

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  • Beckie Fox
    Beckie Fox Hi Debs. We sometimes say things we don't mean or understand. What you said to your wife was out of your context. You are trying to be subtle and test the water - don't you'll end further in the cave through misunderstanding and intreptations. What is...  more
    February 17, 2013 - 2 like this
  • Jennie R
    Jennie R Hi, Debs. I can tell you that I know exactly what you must be going through. I too have hidden the fact that I cross dress to my wife for years. One time she found a gym bag full of women's clothes and shoes in the trunk of my car and went...  more
    February 20, 2013 - 2 like this
  • Pauline Smith
    Pauline Smith If she finds out - and she may - who knows what will happen? In my case it was divorce>>> not for cross dressing but for lying and breaking the trust. Ironically 15 years later we are still friends. Its your choice and she wont be...  more
    February 22, 2013 - 1 likes this
  • Bootsie Anne Taylor
    Bootsie Anne Taylor The rant is no problem....thats why we are here, here for one another to make informed decisions....whether to come out or not...I have not come out for years but my wife knows of Bootsie....she encourages me to go out with my local friends but I usually...  more
    June 7, 2017