YouTube channels I found helpful

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    January 28, 2024 12:34 PM GMT

    I thought I'd share a few YouTube channels which have provided me with information in the past.

    First is a channel called "TransVoiceLessons" which does what it says on the tin - a series of hints and tips covering the topic of developing a voice that supports your presenting identity. This video is a good starting point:

    Still on the subject of voice, "FairyPrincessLucy" takes a less technical approach. A typical example:

    Moving on to makeup, I found a couple of videos on a channel hosted by "AliceInWonder1and" (the '1' is not a typo) which I found interesting - this is one of them:

    Another trans channel with tips on makeup for trans people is "Victoria Rose" -

    Finally (for now), a channel which gives advice on how to dance, which is a skill I certainly lacked before transitioning - "Get Dance" is the name, and an example of the content is here:

    I hope some, or all, of these are of interest <3

    Judith xxx
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