Greeting and Salutions

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    Well Hello Everybody!

    It appears I have been away for nearly 4 years, well I haven't posted anything for 4years. I have popping in under the cover of darkness every now and again.

    So what is new with me. Well I worked through COVid19, well I really couldn't avoid it. As I work for the NHS. I had asymptotic COVid19, apart from a sore throat, that was my only symptom. So, I consider myself lucky.

    I went dark on the dressing front for a short while had some mild crisis over it, but that resolved itself. I am once again single. And that's a story for another day. I've also rediscovered my kinks, my love of leather, latex and PVC, but again that's is definitely a story for another day. Got save something to write about later.

    So I am back, popping in and out, saying hello to anybody who wishes to talk and trying post more stuff on a regular basis.

    So thanks for reading and have a lovely life.