Bye Bye Gender Identity Clinic

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    The Gender Clinic


    2009 I had decided enough was enough. I needed help with this horrid transgendered curse which was doing its best to wreck my life. First stop GP. She was great. Second stop a selection of shrinks who referred me to the Gender Clinic as well as diagnosing me as pretty mental. First appointment was a long wait. But when it came it was quite nice being able to spill my guts out to an expert. I think I've been maybe 6 times now. During this period I've changed my name am dosed up on high levels of hormones and lifes great.


    A Summary Of Yesterdays Appointment


    I love hormones. The serenity from having near zero testosterone in my body. My bits don't work at all anymore which I couldn't care less about. I cannot be arsed with having my bits cut off and i don't like fannies anyway. I'm very single because I haven't got a clue about my sexual orientation and I'm not going to inflict that on anyone, but I do have a cat. People don't treat me as female, but they don't treat me as male either, i'm just different, which I like. I've had mainly very positive reactions to my gender choices. I am reintegrated into regular society. I'm no longer a webcam 'girl'.  My body has become very feminine which does confuse people. Sometimes I wear makeup and a hairpiece sometimes I don't, depends on my mood. Basically I'm a contented little tranny.


    Bye Bye


    So I'm exactly where I want to be with it all. The happiest I have been in years. So subsequently I have been told I don't have to go anymore. Their job is done, GP still deals with blood tests, hormones etc but thats it. I guess I'm what they would describe as a success story. So apart from one incident in there I have to say thanks to them as they have really helped me turn my life around.

  • Sophia Steel Im so glad you have arrived at a place where you are happy Gemma xxx
  • Deleted Member Its a blessing to read that you have succeeded in your quest for recognition of your true self !! Take care...Randy
  • Estro Naut I feel exactly the same about surgeries and transition as a whole.
  • Terri S I am thinking all the time over the hormones and why did I stop. Met someone and spent 26 years with her, Sex is rare now. So, been thinking about the GP and if I should go and ask to be placed back on the Hormones. I know exactly where you are coming...  more