Day 3 of a Soft and Cuddly Morning...

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    Good Morning Everyone...

    I find it so very wonderful to wake up in soft and cuddly PJ's and a soft blanket as the real me inside. I've discovered that my tucking is lasting all night and those male bits seem almost non-existent, if not a bit numb.  It feels good that, at least for a while, I no longer have male parts down there.


    As I wake up, I imagine a whole day as Michelle and think about what I should do today. Whether it is getting dressed in a flowing summer dress and going to the park, or putting on my cute jeans and simply doing some gardening around the house, I feel a sense of joy.


    I try to make these feeling last as long as I can, but alas I'm not out full time. My significant other doesn't share my joy of being Michelle, and wants me to limit presenting as the true me when around her. So I put on a male mask and pretend to be a male when she is around.  It is because she is afraid of being identified as a Lesbian. That part really hurts me inside.  


    As time goes on, the need to be Michelle physically is growing significantly day-by-day. Living full time is what I truly want. The need to pursue losing my male bits and getting SRS keep growing, as does breast enhancement and female facial surgery.  For now that is only a dream, but someday I will have to take the steps needed, even if it means losing my significant other, whom I love.


    So for now, I take hold of any moment I can be Michelle during the week, and treasure my dreams and waking up each day as Michelle. Even if it is only for a few precious minutes in my warm cuddly bed.