my first blog

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    Hello everyone! this my first attempt at blogging with other gurls out there and would like to get some response to my question:

    Does dressing up seem more like a fetish to you.... or is it something you feel compelled to do?

  • Skyler Penny have you ever considered transitioning??
  • Deborah Phoxx Hi Skyler, To answer your question, neither. I don't consider it a fetish as I don't get automatically turned on when I put on a pair of panties and a skirt, nor do I feel that I have to or need to put on a dress and makeup. It is something I like to do...  more
  • Michelle Gweneth HI Skyler - Actually I have considered it. Logistics and finances will make it difficult. However, I would love to transition and live my life out as the real me.
  • Eva Lady It's hard to define. I feel like the shackles are off and I'm totally free as a woman. It's like a feeling of relief comes over me and like oestrogen is coursing through me. I would say I'm totally compelled and think about being a woman most of the...  more