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  • 07 Jun 2017
    Well this  is  my  second blog  since  i  joined here .  I  have  not  been  here  much at all  but I  do  like  it  here .  I 'm  hoping that  thoes  who  read  my  blogs like  them  and  that  I  don't  piss  anyone  off.  I  say  what s  on my  mind  but I  don't  try  to  step  on anyone's  toes  I 'm  a  person that  writes  from the  heart first  and  I  tell it  as I see  it .  My  outlook on things  are  from a  Canadian point of  vue  only .  I  hope  to  chat  with you  all as  time  goes  by  and  perhaps  to  be  "Sisters " .  
    2095 Posted by Karen Tea
  • 16 Jun 2017
    Well I  have  not  been dressing  much  just  every  now and then but I  don't go  out anywhere .It's  not that  I  don't want  too it's  that in a  city  as mine  Crossdressing  is  not  often seen on our  streets . I  have  been out dressed many  of times but  all thoes  times  I  was  on a  busy  Highway  going  to  or from somewhere   alone . I  was  in out  mall  today  walked  passed a store  that  sold wigs and  did  your  hair . I  was  thinking  should  I buy a  new  Wig  just  for a  one  time occasion ? I  am  thinking  of  going to  visit a  person whom I  made friends with and promised to  go  see  "En  Fem. I  want  to  do this  for  two  reasons  one  is  that  I  may never  get  another  chance to  do  this because  of  my Girlfriend  (GG) . The  other  reason  is  that  my  new  friend  is  fighting  Cancer and  they  may  become  too sick for  me  to  visit this way . I'm unshure  at  this  point what  to  do , but  what ever  I  chose that 's  how  it will  be .   In one way I am  nervous about  do  this  because  I  have  to  travel a  far distance  from  my  home to  my  friends place. When I  dress I am normally  alone and  I 'm not  seen by anyone . I have  gone  to  visit a friend before  in my  city and I  was  very nervous  when I  reached  there place because I  was  not expecting to  encounter anyone that  lived  there other  then  my  friend .   I  did  love  the  whole  feeling  of  beeing out dressed and it  felt  so  cool and  it was  like  exciting . I  do  beleave  a  person  confidence  does  improve with  time  and  more  outings  such as  this was . The  encounter of  others who can tell  your  not "Fem"  is  what  bothers  me  the  most .  So  all I  can  do  for  now  is  try  and  my new  friend will  be so  happy  to  see  me for the  first  time  ever !
    2032 Posted by Karen Tea
  • 04 Apr 2017
    Well... I did not  think  I would  be writing a  blog again !  I  thought i would  write  one to  "Test" the  waters  of this  new  site . As  my  profile discription said  that  I a  former  member  of  TW/GS  Site  and  i ve  writen 50 blogs . This is  my  first  here  and  I  hope  to  write  another  "50 "  as  time  goes  by  .  I  like  write my  blogs on things that  happed to  me or  others  .   I  am a  "canadian"  and I  know  for  some  of  us  its  not  easy beeing who we  are . For me as a Cd  in  Northern Ontario living in a  city  that  you  dont  see  other 's  like Us is  hard . I ve  searched for  others  in  my  city  and area  and  its  very  hard  to  find  other's  . this  is why  I 'm  here  to  find  others  who  may be  near me  or  at  least  are  in the  north like  me .  So  I m  hoping to  be apart  of this site as  much as  i  can  but  one  never  knows until  you try !  
    1844 Posted by Karen Tea
  • 26 Aug 2017
    Hello  girls   its  been sometime  since I have blogged here . Writing a  blog is sometimes  for  me  not easy  to  do because  I  have  so much to think about and  it all wants  to  just  pour out  of  me . Lately  I  have  not  dressed   fem all that  much  but  one Saturday  night  I  did  and was  full  fem and did  my  makeup . Its  so  strange to  see  the  other  person in a  mirror and  so  shocking  to  see  the  age reflecting  back . Yes  you  can say  I  don't  look at  myself all that  much  like  this and  I  ve always  been this way . Sometimes I wonder is it because I  don't  like to  see  myself in a  mirror or is  it  because I  don't  like   change? Perhaps both but anyways  doing my makeup and  after  looking at  my  face  I  seen something I've  not  seen before  .  It  was   "Karen "  and  she  looked  very  good  in  makeup  and I  liked  it . The  thought  of  going  out filled  my  head  but  I  had nowhere  to  go or anyone  to  see , So  I  stayed home .  I  am thinking  about  having something  that I ve  never  had  before  or  did  since I  started  to  Cross dress many  years ago   a  "Girl's Day  out" .  The  thought  has  came  to  mind  so  many times but  the  chance to  have such  a  day  has  never  been taken or  it was  just  not  good  timing  . So now there is a chance that If  I  plan  things  right  I  can have a whole  day  as a  women  as  "Karen"  .  I  hope  all goes  well !  
    1834 Posted by Karen Tea
325 views Apr 25, 2023
One Step at a Time

Well I'm  not a  person that complains  or laments  about things I  just  take  things Day  By  Day .  It 's been a  long time  since  I  wrote a  blog  here so  here  I  go .   In 2022 I  suffered and  injury to my  left  foot and  I  stepped on  something as  I  was  working  outside my shop . I  did  not  even know that  I  had  even hurt  myself until laker  on in the  evening  when I  removed  my  running shoes .  I  removed my  sock and I  did  not  see anything to  be  concered about but  my  foot  was  sore abit .  So  I  did  what  I thought  was  best and  cleaned  the  small  cut and  I  did  this  for a  few week hoping that  what  I was  doing would heal.  Well  to  make  long story  short  My  foot was  infected and  I  was  admited to Hospital because the  infection  was deep  within the  heal and bone  of  my  foot .  The  Surgeon that  I  seen  had asked that  I  would  give  some  thought to Amputation . So  I  did  and  it  turned  out that I  had the  surgery to save my  life and have my  left  foot  removed . Its  been  one  whole  year  since all this  happened and  its  been  one day  at  a  time and  now one  foot  at  a  time as  well . I ve  done  5  weeks of physio therupy  and Im  still  doing and  extended program until  mid  May .   I'm  very pleased with my  over  all transition and  walking with  a  new phosthic foot  and  Im very  happy  to  still  be cross  dressing  as  well .  I'm  not willing to  just  give  up  I found  that  Karen is  too  much  of a part  of  me to  give  her  up now  or  Ever !  So  just take  what  ever  your  doing  transioning  or  coming  out   one day  or  step at a  time !